31 Days of Italians

2009 List for Italian American Heritage Month

Oct. 1: The Italian Immigrant

A day to honor every Italian who journeyed to America from Italy.

Oct. 2: Amadeo Pietro Giannini

Established the branch banking system in America.

Oct. 3: Guglielmo Marconi

Known as the Father of Radio for his experiments with long distance wireless transmissions.

Oct. 4: Filippo Mazzei

Supporter of American freedom during American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson’s inclusion of “all men are created equal” into the Declaration of Independence is a paraphrase of Mazzei’s “All men are by nature equally free and independent.”

Oct. 5: Antonio Meucci

Original holder of the patent for the forerunner of today’s telephone.

Oct. 6: Joe DiMaggio

“The Yankee Clipper” led the NY Yankees to nine World Championships.

Oct. 7: Mario Lanza

Renowned tenor and film star in the mid-1950s.

Oct. 8: Helen Barolini

Award winning author of more than 50 literary works.

Oct. 9: Father Pietro Bandini

Missionary for Native Americans. In 1898 established Tontitown, “a perfect example of colonization," in Arkansas.

Oct. 10: Enrico Fermi

Discovered radioactive elements that heralded the nuclear age.

Oct. 11: Antonio Pasin

Created Radio Flyer wagon.

Oct. 12: Christopher Columbus

Navigator that changed the world, opening trade routes and immigration from Europe to the Americas.

Oct. 13: Maria Montessori, M.D

Developed an educational method for teaching children.

Oct. 14: Henry Mancini

Awarded 20 Grammys and 4 Oscars for his film and television scores.

Oct. 15: John Ciardi

Poet laureate, etymologist, English professor, and radio host.

Oct. 16: Vince Lombardi

Football icon.

Oct. 17: Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini

First American citizen to become a saint.

Oct. 18: Enrico Caruso

World’s most acclaimed tenor in the early 1900s.

Oct. 19: Yogi Berra

Baseball player, manager, and famous for his quotes, known as "yogi-isms."

Oct. 20: Frank Capra

Acclaimed 20th Century film director, best known for It’s a Wonderful Life.

Oct. 21: Arturo Toscanini

One of the world’s greatest orchestra conductors.

Oct. 22: Giovanni da Verrazzano

First European explorer to enter the harbor of New York.

Oct. 23: Pietro di Donato

Author of the Italian American classic Christ in Concrete.

Oct. 24: Fiorello La Guardia

First three-term Mayor of New York City, and credited for changing its landscape and building the foundation for the city’s growth after the Depression.

Oct. 25: Amerigo Vespucci

Namesake of America.

Oct. 26: Geraldine Ferraro

First woman to be nominated on a major party ticket as Vice President of the United States.

Oct. 27: Constantino Brumidi

Known as the “Michelangelo of the (U.S.) Capitol.”

Oct. 28: Daniela Gioseffi

Award winning poet, writer, lecturer, and educator.

Oct. 29: Frank Sinatra

International entertainment icon.

Oct. 30: Andrea Palladio

"Father of Architecture," wrote The Four Books on Architecture, the most famous and influential books on architecture of all time, and still in print.

Oct. 31: Your Favorite Italian

Celebrate someone not on the list, but greatly admired.

Author, educator, and researcher Janice Therese Mancuso established Thirty-One Days of Italians to promote the significant contributions that those of Italian heritage have made to America. She was awarded a grant from the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), and has received support from the Italian Historical Society of America and others in the Italian American community.